Dobot Magician

Dobot Magician

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รายละเอียดสินค้า: Dobot Magician - Advanced Educational Plan

Controlling methods
 - Multiple controlling method, enjoy anytime PC, phone, gesture, voice, even brainwave can be used to control Dobot Magician.
Handhold teaching

 - Handhold teaching, repeat your tasks with just a click
 - The handhold teaching feature lets you control a robotic arm without any limits.  
 - The most intuitive interaction bringing the best of your efficiency.
ŸEnd tool quick switch
 - End tool quick switch, it’s never been so smooth
 - With the standardized plug-in style end tool holder, you can switch end tools by simply screwing.

Rich extension ports
 - 13 extension ports, 1 programmable key, 2MB offline command storage, endless possibilities for developers.

Visualized programming
 - Visualized programing interface, just pile up the blocks and there’s the code, the easiest way to learn coding. Support major programing languages including C++, C#, Python and java, with API and pre-set modules integrated

Part List
 - Robot Arm  
 - Vacuum pump Kit 
 - Gripper  
 - Writing and Drawing Kit
 - 3D Printing Kit  
 - Bluetooth Module
 - Laser Engraving Kit
 - Wi-Fi Module 
 - Joystick Control Kit          
 - Leap Motion

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