IR cameras รุ่น 5.DF4820HD-DN/IR

IR cameras รุ่น 5.DF4820HD-DN/IR

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Main Features
Full HD-IR Box Camera
2 Megapixel
Day/Night with ICR
Integrated IR Illumination
Motor-driven Lens
P-Iris Control
Outdoor Wall Mount Bracket
PoE (Class 0)

    The DF4820HD-DN/IR is a weather-proof 2-megapixel HD network camera with automatic Day/Night switching and integrated infrared illumination. The camera provides real-time Full HD video (1080p/30) using the H.264 codec, currently, the most advanced standard for high-efficiency video compression.

    Besides a comprehensive set of automatic and manual image optimization functions and many other setting options, it features automatic Day/Night operation supported by integrated ambient light sensing, a removable IR cut filter (ICR) and an integrated homogeneous IR illumination provided by semi-covert 850 nm high power LEDs in order to meet even the most demanding of surveillance conditions.

    In addition, the camera is equipped with a fast (large maximum aperture) and motor-driven P-Iris megapixel varifocal lens which allows for the convenient adjustment/configuration of the focal length (zoom), focus and iris (aperture) via the web browser. The novel P-Iris control technology, designed for a precise and automatic adjustment of the best iris position (optimum aperture), thereby realizes a significantly improved image quality1) with excellent contrast, brilliant clarity and enhanced detail resolution combined with a greater depth of field, under almost all lighting conditions.

    In conjunction with the Digital Image Shift function, which provides for a subsequent digital fine alignment of the image section, a convenient and straightforward installation process of the camera is guaranteed.

    Built into an IP66-rated weather-proof enclosure, the camera is designed for both indoor and for outdoor applications. The camera is operated via Power over Ethernet which allows for an easy, quick and cost-effective cabling and commissioning

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